The Government is drafting a Bill to amend the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981.

This will significantly increase the lump sum paid to dependants from $304,185 to $554,727, indexed annually.

The weekly allowance paid to support each dependent child will more than double from $58.10 to $133, indexed annually.

The Government will ensure equality of access to compensate de facto partners and married spouses.

De facto partners are denied compensation in certain circumstances because of outdated definitions.  The Bill will remove this legislative impediment.

The Bill will simplify the method for apportioning the lump sum between multiple dependants, streamline the claims process, and ensure dependent children receive an appropriate level of financial support.

The new lump sum is 2.5 times the maximum compensation payable for non-fatal injuries.

Commerce and Industrial Relations Minister Bill Johnston said, “The current workers’ compensation legislation is unfair and very complicated. It’s disappointing to see the former government didn’t act on this issue when they received a final report regarding a review of the Act in June 2014. We’re very keen to act now and see dependent family members of workers killed on the job receive fair and reasonable compensation, which is prioritised and expedited.”