Police Minister Michelle Roberts said the recent firearms amnesty has exceeded expectations with more than 1,200 guns surrendered in Western Australia during the three-month amnesty.

The National Firearms Amnesty concluded at midnight on Saturday, September 30.

The assortment of firearms handed in includes:

  • 186 shotguns;
  • 860 rifles;
  • 196 handguns; and
  • 65,618 rounds of ammunition.

Some of the historic firearms listed below will now be considered for donation to historical societies or museums.

  • 85 World War 1 era rifles and handguns;
  • A World War 2 submachine gun;
  • An 1885 BSA, Martini-Henry rifle;
  • An 1878 Enfield rifle;
  • WW2 Luger pistols; and a
  • Pre-1900 Belgium pistol.