17 July 2018

  • The Liberal Party recently distributed flyers with misleading claims about crime in the Cannington Electorate.
  • If the Liberals were honest about crime, they would know that from 2016 to 2017, crime declined by 22% in Queens Park, Cannington, East Cannington and Beckenham.

Community members should also be aware that entering their details at the webpage provided on the flyer will result in their details being harvested by Liberal politician Steve Irons, despite the fact Mr Irons is not mentioned anywhere on the flyer.

While the Liberals claims crime has increased, it has actually declined. While any crime is too much, the community should be able to rely on Mr Irons to be honest.

When reflecting on the Liberals’ honesty about crime, we should also consider sanction rates; that is the proportion of all offenses that are resolved- such as an offender being charged.

In 2007-08, the Carpenter Labor Government left office with the clearance rate at 48%. After five years of Liberal Government, the equivalent statistic (sanction rate) had plummeted to just 23%!

At this point, the Liberals simply stopped reporting the figure!

Upon forming government last year, the McGowan Labor Government restored the calculation and reporting of sanction rates. This is because a Labor Government wants to tell the truth on crime rates, unlike Mr Irons.

The McGowan Government is committed to community safety, evidenced by new measures in the 2018-19 State Budget. These include extended opening hours for police stations across Perth, the appointment of two new magistrates and an additional $6.9 Million for the prevention of domestic violence.

Comments by Bill Johnston MLA, Member for Cannington:

“Honesty is important in politics, which is why it’s important to call this what it is- scaremongering.

“Mr Irons has been in Federal Parliament for almost eleven years, but he has achieved nothing for people in Cannington, East Cannington or Queens Park.

“It’s bizarre that a Federal MP like Mr Irons would choose to campaign on state issues; but it’s because he has no achievements to campaign on.

“Instead of making positive contributions to the community, Mr Irons has chosen to spread disinformation. He can’t promote his achievements because he has none.

Media contact: Bill Johnston 0407 239 485