It is no secret that the state electoral district of Cannington is strongly impacted by the operations of Perth Airport. Local Member for Cannington, Mr Bill Johnston MLA, says that the operation of Perth Airport is likely the biggest community concern in Cannington.

“Concern about the impact of the airport is a recurring theme. Residents are increasingly frustrated with the noise from air traffic, especially late at night. Additionally, there is growing concern about possible air pollutants from over flights,” Mr Johnston said.

“I have raised this issue with the federal government, the state government, and I have written submissions to the Perth Airport Master plan. Sadly, in an act that can only be described as blatant disregard for the local community, my recommendations and enquiries have been dismissed.

Perth Airport is the only airport in Australia operating in a residential area with no curfew. “The continuous air traffic is having a serious impact on the local community,” Mr Johnston said. “I have never asked for a curfew, but I have asked Perth Airport to consider the local community and adopt noise amelioration strategies.”

Mr Johnston’s recommendations have been completely ignored by the Federal Liberal government, with Mr Warren Truss, Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, approving Perth Airport’s Master Plan. The Master Plan has no mention of noise amelioration or community engagement, but does carefully detail the airport’s planned expansion.

Mr Johnston said that this was a disappointing outcome for the local community, who have been voicing concerns about the operation of the airport for years. “Sadly we have a federal Minister approving a plan that does not consider the local community,” Mr Johnston said. “Unfortunately the liberal state government is no better.”

Following constituent enquiries about pollution levels Mr Johnston contacted both the federal and state government about air pollution from the airport to the surrounding community.

“Essentially Mr Truss said he had nothing to do with air quality, and informed me that in his view the majority of aircraft pollution occurs while planes are flying. He clearly doesn’t believe that aeroplane’s need to land or taxi. The federal government is in complete denial and is ignoring local community’s concern.”

Mr Johnston said the state government’s response was just as pathetic. “Albert Jacob, the liberal Minister for Environment, informed me that the state government has no responsibility in monitoring the air quality for the surrounding community. This is an absolute joke.”

“What makes this situation worse is the fact that the state government is approving high density developments directly under the flight path. They are approving development in areas that they know to be impacted by aircraft noise.” Mr Johnston said. “Under the liberal party this problem is continuing to get worse.”

Mr Johnston said it was obvious that the Liberal state and federal governments had no care for the local community. “The liberal Ministers may not be listening to the residents of Cannington, but I am. I will continue to raise this issue on behalf of the local community.”

Media contact: Bill Johnston 0407 239 485