PAIN PAIN PAIN: Colin Barnett’s horror budget targets

WA families to pay for his mess

Fast Facts:

  • Colin Barnett’s horror budget hits every Western Australian
  • Premier’s electricity promise broken as electricity goes up 4.5 per cent
  • Massive increases represent a $1 billion tax grab
  • This is a budget from a government in dysfunction and disarray

Premier Colin Barnett has delivered a horror budget that hits every Western Australian.

Member for Cannington Bill Johnston MLA said yesterday’s State Budget heavily slugs ordinary Western Australians to pay for his extravagances.

“This is a horror Budget for Western Australians and WA families in particular,” Mr Johnston said.

“We are being punished for Colin Barnett’s mismanagement over the last five years.

“The budget confirms that Mr Barnett has broken his key election promise to keep electricity price increases at or around the rate of inflation with power prices now rising 4.5 per cent.

“Mr Barnett should hang his head in shame, when at a time of great economic growth in WA, people are being punished in the hip pocket.

“Yesterday’s State Budget represents a one-billion-dollar tax grab by Mr Barnett.

“No-one is spared – even school kids are targeted with a big increase in bus fares.

“Every household is facing massive increases – with some of the more extreme increases including the land fill levy and the removal of private vehicle concessions.

“Three words describe this Barnett Budget – PAIN, PAIN, and PAIN.

“Despite all the pain, debt is still forecast to balloon to nearly $30billion next financial year.

“This is a mean and painful Budget from Mr Barnett and Mr Nahan that has no economic plan for the State’s future and does nothing to restore the AAA credit rating.

“Seven Treasurers in six years – no wonder they can’t get it right.

“If I was Mr Barnett I would apologise to Western Australia for plunging the State’s finances into unnecessary chaos.

“It is a budget that is systematic of a government in dysfunction and disarray.”

Media contact: Bill Johnston MLA 9356 5011