The Member for Cannington, Mr Bill Johnston MLA, recently raised a grievance with Barnett’s Transport Minister, Dean Nalder, in State Parliament.

The grievance concerned the results of the RAC Risky Roads Survey, an annual report that provides data on high risk roads across the state, and AAMI’s report that was quoted in the West Australian. Both reports commented independently on the issue of road safety in Cannington.

Shockingly, the RAC Road Survey results showed seven risky road intersections in the Cannington electorate. The AAMI report commented that there had been 89 reported crashes on Albany Highway in Cannington last year.

In that report an AAMI representative was quoted as saying – “Albany Highway in Cannington has remained the number one hot-spot …”.

Mr Johnston requested the government give urgent attention to funding improvements for Albany Highway in Cannington. The Minister for Transport refused to commit funding to improve road safety in the Cannington community, alleging that the Liberal-National government had already committed to improved road networks across the state.

“This this is a poor response from the Barnett Liberal-National state government, who are clearly ignoring safety issues in our community – 89 crashes in one year is not acceptable!”, Mr Johnston remarked.

The Member for Cannington said he would continue to lobby the Barnett Liberal-National state government to improve road safety in the Cannington Electorate.