The Member for Cannington, Mr Bill Johnston MLA, has always opposed the Barnett government’s decision to spend big on vanity projects – such as the $230 million on a bus station and $440 million on Elizabeth Quay. After commissioning a telephone survey of the people of Cannington, Mr Johnston can report that community members agree with him.

The survey found 76.5% of participants disagree with the Barnett government’s decision to spend $230 million on a bus station, and 62% disagree with the decision to spent $440 million on Elizabeth Quay.

The Member for Cannington said the survey was evidence that the Barnett government’s priorities were very different to those of the Western Australian community.

“While Premier Barnett may see nothing wrong with spending $440 million and $230 million on these two projects, he doesn’t have the support of the people of this state. Community members in my electorate are becoming increasingly worried about the government’s reckless spending, especially in light of the high levels of unemployment and state debt.”

Mr Johnston said he decided to commission the poll, which was conducted by an independent survey company, after hearing the concerns of his constituents about government waste.

“Many of my constituents are concerned about financial mismanagement. People are really struggling to come to terms with this government’s high levels of spending on non-essential projects, especially in light of the rising cost of living and cuts to essential services – like financial counsellors.”

Mr Johnston said it was obvious that the Liberal state government would continue to spend taxpayer’s money on projects like Elizabeth Quay, even with rising levels of state debt. “The Liberal Ministers may not be listening to the local community, but I am. I will continue to raise these concerns in If you have concerns about government spending, or any other state government issue, please contact Mr Johnston’s office on 9356 5011.

Media contact: Bill Johnston 0407 239 485