The Liberals’ Little Book of Big Lies

See how the Liberal’s are papering over the truth with big lies.

Premier Barnett’s Broken Promises

The list of Colin Barnett’s broken promises just goes on and on…

Bill Johnston – Western Power Privatisation (Cognate Debate)

Bill Johnston MLA

Member for Cannington – Western Power Privatisation debate, 2016

The City of Canning – Open for business

The City of Canning is developing rapidly with various building constructions taking place along Albany Highway. Located about 10 kilometres from Perth City, the City of Canning has a history that dates back to the 1970’s. The first inhabitants of the Canning area were the Noongar community known as the “Beeloo Nyungar Aboriginal people.”

The City of Canning has a population of around 100,000 citizens which is expected to increase by 26% by the year 2036.

METRONET – Connecting Perth

METRONET – To connect Perth suburb’s and fix congestion.

With Western Australia’s population to double by the year 2056, Perth needs a transport system for today, tomorrow and the future. Multiple public transport alternatives and projects have been put forwards to the people of Western Australia from the Liberal Party.

Yet, to this day, there is no solution to the increasing amount of vehicles on our roads and or alternatives for other forms of transport!

Another broken promise from Colin Barnett and the Liberal Party.

Labor will BUILD METRONET to better connect Perth’s suburbs.

Colin Barnett’s DRUNK Farewell Speech – The GIANTS 2016 Perth, Western Australia.

The Perth Giants show in 2016 was for representation of the armed forces – The Anzacs.

They stood as a tribute for the many lives lost.


You be the judge of Colin Barnett’s speech during this display.

No, it was not strong winds or speaker feedback making his words ‘slurred’.



Health, Family and Education – Does that matter to you?

Malcolm Turnball wants:


…does that matter to you?

Perth Freight Link – more trucks on our roads

Perth Freight link is a road to nowhere. It stops at the wrong side of the Swan River with no plans to take the freight across the river into Fremantle Port.

The Perth Freight Link will result in more trucks on our local roads including Leach Highway, Curtin Ave and Stirling Highway.

WA Budget blow out

Premier Colin Barnet is failing the West Australian people by running down public services through more cuts to jobs and public services. See coverage and various responses to the massive budget deficit announced on December 21 last year.

WA was stripped of its Triple AAA credit rating in 2013, when the mining boom was still running. Ratings Agency Moody’s said the lowering of WA’s long-term issuer credit rating from AAA reflected “limited political will” in enforcing the state’s “Fiscal Action Plan”, which was issued as part of WA’s 2014 budget.

“While the Fiscal Action Plan … improves the state’s path, in our view there is likely to be slippage, reflecting our view of limited political will,” Moody’s said in a statement .

Closing the gap

A rally & peaceful protest on 1st May 2015 to raise awareness to the governments proposal to close more than 150 remote indigenous communities here in Western Australia –